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Objectives of the foundation

Article 6

It is a nonprofit environmental foundation, whose main purpose is the cleanliness and preservation of the sea, submarine life in Spain or abroad and its dissemination, with the objective of ensuring its protection. Its main activity, in addition to the cleaning of the bottom of the sea and beaches, will consist of the creation and development of a documentation center (diving library), in order to increase the knowledge of the underwater environment and spread it among the persons interested in keeping a close eye on this environment for a better defence and protection. Besides, it will be able to carry out tasks in other areas, in particular everything in relation to the maintenance, preservation and spreading of environmental awareness.

Artícle 7

In addition to the creation of a documentation center, the foundation will be able to give scholarships, create researcher services, publish publications, sign agreements and exchanges with national and international organizations. Also, carry out any activity with the purpose of acoplishing the objectives. As well as participating actively, the foundation will involve in these objectives larger organizations that belong to associations, federations, public administration, autonomous communities, Spanish State and European Union to the objectives of the foundation.


The Foundation is funded by members of the Library of Diving, with partners´ payment, when they acquire the card of the Library of Diving.
If you want to collaborate with the future Foundation, please read the instructions for admission and shipment in order to receive the Membership Card of the Library of Diving.
Post Office box: 54.136

Deposit 10 Euros in CAJAMAR account or bank transfer in account: ES28 3058/0983/96/2720010196
And SEND the register of deposit, with your email and address to: F.B.B. – A.E.B, post office box nº 54136. 28080. Madrid.
F.B.B.- A.E.B Apartado de Correos Nº. 54136. 28080. Madrid.
O send a mail to :
If you are a member of some diving centers and/or comercial establisments that collaborate with us, you may be able to receive a membership card for the Library of Diving. We will continue to update our information about the centers, diving clubs, and shops that collaborate with us, in the sale of our membership cards. For information about our ecollaboration, please email:

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